More Pictures of the Foliage Tunic

I decided to stop being lazy and get my good camera out, even though it was too cold to go out for pictures. Here are a few more detailed photos of the shirt on the happy recipient!

DSC_1815 DSC_1816 DSC_1818 DSC_1819


Girls love to twirl

Girls love to twirl

I read a blog article once about how girls love to twirl and I guess it’s true! A soft skirt feels perfect wide and open as you twirl. The right skirt or tutu just begs to be twirled in!

Today is in the low 70’s and Éva wanted to fight with sticks (Daddy taught her ‘fencing’ of sorts). I said, ‘Photo shoot!’ I was also super happy she wanted to wear her jacket and dress I made her. That dress was the first article of clothing I sewed. It has some character but only on the underside thankfully. I absolutely love that fabric design and the lining is a soft brushed cotton in white with green polka-dots. I used New Look A6688 for that dress.