6232 – Simplicity Mens XL

I am almost done! What a production. I hate hate hate doing collars. This is only my third one, second completed successfully. The first one I did didn’t have a collar stand either. Anyway, here is a shot of pinning the stand down on the inside:


Here is the finished collar:


I get so confused with collars and collar stands. I finally had this down to one last ‘sandwich’ and was going to hand sew it down sort of blind hem style but said screw it. I just top stitched that bugger down and it worked out. The line fell almost in the ditch on the outside where the collar will be folded down anyway! Whew. Now on with the buttons…


We realized halfway through the project it was very Santa Clause looking and now with the buttons it’s official! The colors couldn’t be helped, they are the Citadel colors, but perhaps we could have just done the whole shirt in red. Oh well, it can be a house shirt if he’s uncomfortable about it!

All in all, another job well done (actually I still have to put the sleeve buttons on) and great experience under the belt. Now onto the next shirt. I just finished cutting the fabric and realized it was a knit fleece! Good god what a scare. How did I not notice that when I bought it? I hope all goes well. I have jersey needles but maybe I’ll add some soluble stabilizer on the sewing edges to help me along? Will that even help? I will just have to practice on some scraps first.

*UPDATE* Finished shirt, the model is smaller than the intended recipient 🙂



Spring Dress

Ok, it’s not for spring but this fabric screams spring to me. It was so cute I had to get it. Isn’t that what we all say regarding a fabric we love? I have been taking my time on this dress; serging (overlock stitching) all my seams, topstitching where I can, and adding a pretty pink bias tape to the neckline. I was going to do a ruffle on the neck but decided against it. It’s just as well because I couldn’t find the pattern piece for it (I am partially using Simplicity 1547).  I ordered a wheel tracer that doesn’t cut so I can preserve future patterns I buy.



Adding the bias tape to the neckline. It was a cinch!


Adding a bit of tulle! I have been wanting to try this.


**UPDATE** here are some almost finished photos!! I am gushing!! It’s looking beautiful so far. I wanted to finish it tonight however I tired and decided to quit once I got the sleeves done.





Holiday cooking time

Well I have been busy! I finally finished my shirt and started cleaning up some mistakes on previous projects. I have made 5 totally different types of patterns now and I am recognizing how things work. I was working on a rub off shirt a week or so ago but I stopped because of issues with it being knit jersey. I didn’t know you needed different needles for the machine, or that you should use a zigzag stitch for stretchiness. I still haven’t figured out the issue with the neck binding I made by hand. Every time I go to sew it, it gets all stretched out!

Ah, but the best part of today! I made snickerdoodles and I am always both happy and depressed when I make cookies. I ate 6 before the second batch was done, but how can you not? I always tell my husband to take some to work but he won’t, we are both selfish with the cookies!


Here is the finished shirt, a bit vacation-y don’t you think? I love it anyway. It’s very soft. I can’t say enough how awesome it is to have my machine do the buttons and buttonholes for me! Thanks ma!




Girls love to twirl

Girls love to twirl

I read a blog article once about how girls love to twirl and I guess it’s true! A soft skirt feels perfect wide and open as you twirl. The right skirt or tutu just begs to be twirled in!

Today is in the low 70’s and Éva wanted to fight with sticks (Daddy taught her ‘fencing’ of sorts). I said, ‘Photo shoot!’ I was also super happy she wanted to wear her jacket and dress I made her. That dress was the first article of clothing I sewed. It has some character but only on the underside thankfully. I absolutely love that fabric design and the lining is a soft brushed cotton in white with green polka-dots. I used New Look A6688 for that dress.


It’s not even 0830 yet!


Oh boy, what a busy morning. I don’t know how it happens. the girls wake me up at 0600 and then it’s no stopping until 0900. I haven’t even had any coffee yet! I’ve already walked the dog with the girls, cleaned a nasty dog spot off the couch which in turn caused me to powder and vacuum the entire downstairs. Then I was compelled to sweep (probably should have done that first) and although I could have tidyed up the counters we moved onto crafts. I got out my wreath project and the girls started painting their pumpkins. Then they colored for a bit while I did laundry. Then I realized they hadn’t eaten breakfast yet!

Now that we are all fed, here are some photos of this mornings activities:



And my wreath:



And last night I attached the sleeves and finished the inner facing (it was a nightmare!!).