Doll Clothes and Toddler Play Accessories

Doll Clothes and Toddler Play Accessories

I made a few items for my niece’s American Girl doll. I made a headband, a caplet, and a dress. I used a couple tutorials to help me along with sizing and ideas, here is one. I didn’t save the others and didn’t follow them exactly anyway. Thank you kindly for the help! I am always so thankful for people sharing their experiences (especially for beginners!), not only so I don’t have to pay for instructions and patterns, but I think sewing is something of a life skill. You never know when you might need to make your own clothes (like during the inevitable zombie apocalypse).

I made the dress on mycupoverflows website, but at first it looked like a hospital gown so I added a flower to the waist and it magically became cute! Sometimes just one thing can change the entire look of a garment.

dress dress2


Then I made daughter #2 a crown since sissy got one a few weeks ago. I just cut a shape on the fold of some craft felt and sewed the elastic on. Voila!



She is not easily amused and would not smile for the camera.

Here is a quick felt flower I hot glued onto a hair band for sissy:



She on the other hand, LOVES the camera.


Spring Dress

Ok, it’s not for spring but this fabric screams spring to me. It was so cute I had to get it. Isn’t that what we all say regarding a fabric we love? I have been taking my time on this dress; serging (overlock stitching) all my seams, topstitching where I can, and adding a pretty pink bias tape to the neckline. I was going to do a ruffle on the neck but decided against it. It’s just as well because I couldn’t find the pattern piece for it (I am partially using Simplicity 1547).  I ordered a wheel tracer that doesn’t cut so I can preserve future patterns I buy.



Adding the bias tape to the neckline. It was a cinch!


Adding a bit of tulle! I have been wanting to try this.


**UPDATE** here are some almost finished photos!! I am gushing!! It’s looking beautiful so far. I wanted to finish it tonight however I tired and decided to quit once I got the sleeves done.





Skirted Romper

Skirted Romper

Here is my newest refashion project. I have taken an old romper and chopped the bottom off (the bum is ripped anyway). I also chopped off the sleeves but left the ruffles on. I am going to add long sleeves from the pink tank pictured. I will leave the lace on where it will fall on the wrist. Then I plan to sew on the skirt somehow! It doesn’t fit the oldest anymore and it’s breaching on tight for the younger. I may be able to open the skirt up and widen it a bit…not sure yet.


Cuff Addition

I added some cuffs to the pants because they were just too short and we don’t live at the beach! No high-waters here.

I am glad to be putting my scraps to good use. I have quickly grown a scrap collection and was getting worried I might be keeping too many! What am I going to do with the odd shaped ones? I guess make a quilt one day?


You can see on the right back pocket I had trouble tacking them. I ended up just zig-zaging generously. The jeans were too thick folded over. Does anyone have any tips? I was using a heavy fabric needle.



I was also playing around with stitches on the Janome DC1050 as you can see (the yellow florals), but I will rip those out. It was just for fun!


Refashion take 2


There you have it. The final shirt (I think!). I think I need anorther set of ruffles above the current ones.

It’s much better than the dress I had planned for it. I added some ruffles to the front, cut the collar off, and and an elastic waistband. I still want to try some darts on the back or something. It is still a little big. I was going to add a skirt at the waist but decided that was a bad idea because it’s a slinky shirt. A skirt would probably hang it and stretch it.





I have been inspired by all the refashions I see online. I have this plaid shirt that I think I have grown out of and wanted to make it into something for Éva. I decided on a dress since that would probably be easiest.

From what I have done so far tonight, I may yet attach the top portion to a skirt. A circle skirt I think. I don’t like the [handmade] piping I attached to the bottom of the dress so far because it is stiff and the shirt is slinky so it creates a hoop of sorts. I also removed the old cuffs and added new teal ones. I do like those! I was thinking some vertical ruffles on the chest by the pockets but then I would have to remove the pockets and the fabric may be worn out there…so, scratch that idea. I was also thinking maybe scrunch in the sides a bit by sewing a strip of elastic on the inside. Kid clothes look cute scrunched up a bit!

So many options! I guess I will mull it over and post the final tomorrow.