All kinds of projects

I’ve become something of a home seamstress I guess. This is the second adjustment of uniform for my husband. First, sewing on rank, now replacing a zipper. Maybe I’ve become a sweatshop! Ha 🙂 Apparently they don’t sell zippers anymore at clothing and sales because no one really bought them. His zipper broke at the bottom where they…stamped down some sort of glue down over the cloth edge of the zipper. Here is the new one installed (removed from an old top):



I also added the Citadel flag logo, a Palmetto tree, to the brothers shirt. I used a no-sew adhesive with not so great results. It seemed to dry really fast and I had a hard time spreading it fast enough! I couldn’t think of a better way to get the logo on the shirt besides a double-sided fusible, which my local store didn’t have. I need to mail this out tomorrow! I also thought of using the appliquĂ© function on my Janome but thought it would be too difficult, if feasible at all, in the little grooves on the design. Anyway, here it is on:

DSC_1543 DSC_1544


And here is the last (sewing) project of the year. The same shirt as above, but in a (knit?) fleece. I didn’t realize it was so stretchy until last night when I started cutting the pieces. I hope I can handle the challenge of knit. I am armed with jersey needles and a blind understanding of how knits act. LOL!



Coats for all

Coats for all

Let’s not forget about the dog! I finished a house coat for daughter #1 (originally intended as a shirt, then a dress, and I managed to sew it to fit as a coat) and I realized our boxer will probably be cold this winter. I made him a double thick fleece coat. The fleece is very thin so it’s just right doubled up. I used a Simplicity pattern for large dogs and ended up having to take about 10 inches off the length of the coat. We were unsure if he would wear it because boxers are notorious for hating things on them (like harness leashes for example), but he likes it! Yay! He looks like a little horse wearing it, it’s so cute and it makes me feel good I made another ‘person’ something they like.