All kinds of projects

I’ve become something of a home seamstress I guess. This is the second adjustment of uniform for my husband. First, sewing on rank, now replacing a zipper. Maybe I’ve become a sweatshop! Ha 🙂 Apparently they don’t sell zippers anymore at clothing and sales because no one really bought them. His zipper broke at the bottom where they…stamped down some sort of glue down over the cloth edge of the zipper. Here is the new one installed (removed from an old top):



I also added the Citadel flag logo, a Palmetto tree, to the brothers shirt. I used a no-sew adhesive with not so great results. It seemed to dry really fast and I had a hard time spreading it fast enough! I couldn’t think of a better way to get the logo on the shirt besides a double-sided fusible, which my local store didn’t have. I need to mail this out tomorrow! I also thought of using the appliquĂ© function on my Janome but thought it would be too difficult, if feasible at all, in the little grooves on the design. Anyway, here it is on:

DSC_1543 DSC_1544


And here is the last (sewing) project of the year. The same shirt as above, but in a (knit?) fleece. I didn’t realize it was so stretchy until last night when I started cutting the pieces. I hope I can handle the challenge of knit. I am armed with jersey needles and a blind understanding of how knits act. LOL!



Back on the grind

I am working on a flannel for my husbands brother and it’s been interesting! I did make myself a shirt awhile back but made a few minor errors so I have a leg up on this shirt. First of all, don’t use heavyweight interfacing! My shirt front facing is SO stiff. Second, I know how to do a collar now so hopefully that goes smoothly.

His brothers shirt is starting to have Christmas-y colors to me but they are the colors of his college so I hope he’s cool with it. I am going to add their logo as a detail but haven’t decided how. Fabric paint? Applique? Fuse-on? Small detail over a pocket or like my husband asked, a large one on the back? I don’t like that last idea too much, but we’ll see.

I ended up buying myself some fleece to make a shirt for myself in this pattern because it’s turning out so well. I also finished a pumpkin hat for my Father-in-law (I know, so LATE!!), and now have started back on the knitting grind. I am now making myself a superwash wool ear warmer using Limerick by Universal Yarns. It’s a one ply yarn and it’s strange for me to use. I’ve never knitted with a one ply roving type yarn but it’s working out so far. I will post a photo of that later!


Making the placket was interesting. It was a little tricky turning it out to the right side. Sometimes I don’t understand the pattern directions and rely solely on the pictures.


A pocket! I added some tacking detail to various spots of the shirts and I think it is a great touch! Makes it looks store bought.