Doll Clothes and Toddler Play Accessories

Doll Clothes and Toddler Play Accessories

I made a few items for my niece’s American Girl doll. I made a headband, a caplet, and a dress. I used a couple tutorials to help me along with sizing and ideas, here is one. I didn’t save the others and didn’t follow them exactly anyway. Thank you kindly for the help! I am always so thankful for people sharing their experiences (especially for beginners!), not only so I don’t have to pay for instructions and patterns, but I think sewing is something of a life skill. You never know when you might need to make your own clothes (like during the inevitable zombie apocalypse).

I made the dress on mycupoverflows website, but at first it looked like a hospital gown so I added a flower to the waist and it magically became cute! Sometimes just one thing can change the entire look of a garment.

dress dress2


Then I made daughter #2 a crown since sissy got one a few weeks ago. I just cut a shape on the fold of some craft felt and sewed the elastic on. Voila!



She is not easily amused and would not smile for the camera.

Here is a quick felt flower I hot glued onto a hair band for sissy:



She on the other hand, LOVES the camera.