More Pictures of the Foliage Tunic

I decided to stop being lazy and get my good camera out, even though it was too cold to go out for pictures. Here are a few more detailed photos of the shirt on the happy recipient!

DSC_1815 DSC_1816 DSC_1818 DSC_1819


Foliage Tunic

I used a basic raglan setup and the Foliage Lace pattern from knitting fool.com. The yarn is a not-so-soft wool, Yarn Bee Rainbow Wool in ‘Seastorm’.

The neck could use some more garter stitch, but I love love love the I-cord bind off on the sleeves. If I knew how to do that when I bound off the waist I would have used it there too. I used a picot bind off at the waist and it was rolling terribly. The tunic is blocking as we speak so hopefully by morning it has flattened (and STAYS flat).

Not much else to say, I am just happy with the result. Another great learning experience.

The finished product

A mid-knit fitting

Admiring the work!

Early fit check



Socks all around

I am starting to love knitting socks, overcoming my fear of second sock syndrome. It took me two days dedicated knitting to knit one of my socks. That probably sounds very long but that time includes watching the kids!

I used Patons Kroy for my rainbow socks and it’s nice. I used Red Heart for the bottom black socks and I don’t like it. It’s a stiff, non stretchy, very cottony feeling yarn. I don’t mind cotton socks but to knit with? No.

Here is one of two socks for my toddler. I used an afterthought heel here and it was fun, but again, the yarn! Agh! I don’t like it! I also used needle size 3 to speed the sock along but I really don’t think that helped.



For my socks I used a pattern from Leslie of Single Stitch. I didn’t do knee high socks but the pattern helped me along. Thanks to her for the pattern, I am always so thankful for free patterns so I can learn techniques. Also youtube is a great help.

I love how the heel turned out. I have tried two other heel methods and didn’t like them much. I tried the wrap and turn heel on another sock and it was very loose. Probably partly due to the yarn and maybe I could’ve went down a needle size.



So now I have a list of people to make socks for. Somehow I ended up promising my husbands mom a pair, and since we are pregnant again (hooray!), I can start making a closet full of cute baby socks and clothes!


Petals Scarf

Petals Scarf

I just finished this using Viking of Norway Yarn, Flowers. It was a yarn I wouldn’t have normally bought for myself but I’ve come to love the result. It has nice texture and is soft. I used the Petals Scarf pattern on Ravelry.

I hope everyone had a good Christmas and New Year! We were traveling so I hadn’t even thought of my blog. I have been quite busy though and will start updating!