Thank you Jimmy Beans!

Thanks to a small error from the dealership we bought our car from, we came into a refund and we got ourselves some gifts. I got all this loveliness:


I have wanted wool yarn forever, and I have also wanted to try Cascade yarn forever. I was afraid of non-superwash because I don’t want to accidentally shrink of felt anything! I will say the Cascade is very soft and I have way too many ideas brewing for these colors. I had intended on making myself a sweater but I have proven to not have patience for that. I already picked a pattern too, ‘Oranje’ on Ravelry.

Anyway, I also got some Debbie Stoller wools; Full O’ Sheep and Alpaca Love. Now that I am comfortable knitting single ply yarn the Full O’ Sheep is perfect.


2 thoughts on “Thank you Jimmy Beans!

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