All kinds of projects

I’ve become something of a home seamstress I guess. This is the second adjustment of uniform for my husband. First, sewing on rank, now replacing a zipper. Maybe I’ve become a sweatshop! Ha 🙂 Apparently they don’t sell zippers anymore at clothing and sales because no one really bought them. His zipper broke at the bottom where they…stamped down some sort of glue down over the cloth edge of the zipper. Here is the new one installed (removed from an old top):



I also added the Citadel flag logo, a Palmetto tree, to the brothers shirt. I used a no-sew adhesive with not so great results. It seemed to dry really fast and I had a hard time spreading it fast enough! I couldn’t think of a better way to get the logo on the shirt besides a double-sided fusible, which my local store didn’t have. I need to mail this out tomorrow! I also thought of using the appliquĂ© function on my Janome but thought it would be too difficult, if feasible at all, in the little grooves on the design. Anyway, here it is on:

DSC_1543 DSC_1544


And here is the last (sewing) project of the year. The same shirt as above, but in a (knit?) fleece. I didn’t realize it was so stretchy until last night when I started cutting the pieces. I hope I can handle the challenge of knit. I am armed with jersey needles and a blind understanding of how knits act. LOL!



6232 – Simplicity Mens XL

I am almost done! What a production. I hate hate hate doing collars. This is only my third one, second completed successfully. The first one I did didn’t have a collar stand either. Anyway, here is a shot of pinning the stand down on the inside:


Here is the finished collar:


I get so confused with collars and collar stands. I finally had this down to one last ‘sandwich’ and was going to hand sew it down sort of blind hem style but said screw it. I just top stitched that bugger down and it worked out. The line fell almost in the ditch on the outside where the collar will be folded down anyway! Whew. Now on with the buttons…


We realized halfway through the project it was very Santa Clause looking and now with the buttons it’s official! The colors couldn’t be helped, they are the Citadel colors, but perhaps we could have just done the whole shirt in red. Oh well, it can be a house shirt if he’s uncomfortable about it!

All in all, another job well done (actually I still have to put the sleeve buttons on) and great experience under the belt. Now onto the next shirt. I just finished cutting the fabric and realized it was a knit fleece! Good god what a scare. How did I not notice that when I bought it? I hope all goes well. I have jersey needles but maybe I’ll add some soluble stabilizer on the sewing edges to help me along? Will that even help? I will just have to practice on some scraps first.

*UPDATE* Finished shirt, the model is smaller than the intended recipient 🙂



Doll Clothes and Toddler Play Accessories

Doll Clothes and Toddler Play Accessories

I made a few items for my niece’s American Girl doll. I made a headband, a caplet, and a dress. I used a couple tutorials to help me along with sizing and ideas, here is one. I didn’t save the others and didn’t follow them exactly anyway. Thank you kindly for the help! I am always so thankful for people sharing their experiences (especially for beginners!), not only so I don’t have to pay for instructions and patterns, but I think sewing is something of a life skill. You never know when you might need to make your own clothes (like during the inevitable zombie apocalypse).

I made the dress on mycupoverflows website, but at first it looked like a hospital gown so I added a flower to the waist and it magically became cute! Sometimes just one thing can change the entire look of a garment.

dress dress2


Then I made daughter #2 a crown since sissy got one a few weeks ago. I just cut a shape on the fold of some craft felt and sewed the elastic on. Voila!



She is not easily amused and would not smile for the camera.

Here is a quick felt flower I hot glued onto a hair band for sissy:



She on the other hand, LOVES the camera.


Thank you Jimmy Beans!

Thanks to a small error from the dealership we bought our car from, we came into a refund and we got ourselves some gifts. I got all this loveliness:


I have wanted wool yarn forever, and I have also wanted to try Cascade yarn forever. I was afraid of non-superwash because I don’t want to accidentally shrink of felt anything! I will say the Cascade is very soft and I have way too many ideas brewing for these colors. I had intended on making myself a sweater but I have proven to not have patience for that. I already picked a pattern too, ‘Oranje’ on Ravelry.

Anyway, I also got some Debbie Stoller wools; Full O’ Sheep and Alpaca Love. Now that I am comfortable knitting single ply yarn the Full O’ Sheep is perfect.