Onesie to…dress? Tutu?

Onsie to...dress? Tutu?

Well this was interesting. I originally took a white and pink striped shirt, cut the bodice off, and started attached elastic and tulle for a puffed skirt. It did NOT turn out well. I gave up on the skirt and took an old onesie that was too short, cut off the bottom snap section, and added the tulle skirt to the inner shirt (there is a yellow undershirt in there). I didn’t like how the tulle edges were raw and didn’t want to do (or didn’t have enough) bias tape, and I figured a lace border would just get ripped off. I ironed on stitch witchery on the hem and well…you see the result. But it’s done and until I decide to change (fix) it, it’s getting put in her closet for play clothes!


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