Back on the grind

I am working on a flannel for my husbands brother and it’s been interesting! I did make myself a shirt awhile back but made a few minor errors so I have a leg up on this shirt. First of all, don’t use heavyweight interfacing! My shirt front facing is SO stiff. Second, I know how to do a collar now so hopefully that goes smoothly.

His brothers shirt is starting to have Christmas-y colors to me but they are the colors of his college so I hope he’s cool with it. I am going to add their logo as a detail but haven’t decided how. Fabric paint? Applique? Fuse-on? Small detail over a pocket or like my husband asked, a large one on the back? I don’t like that last idea too much, but we’ll see.

I ended up buying myself some fleece to make a shirt for myself in this pattern because it’s turning out so well. I also finished a pumpkin hat for my Father-in-law (I know, so LATE!!), and now have started back on the knitting grind. I am now making myself a superwash wool ear warmer using Limerick by Universal Yarns. It’s a one ply yarn and it’s strange for me to use. I’ve never knitted with a one ply roving type yarn but it’s working out so far. I will post a photo of that later!


Making the placket was interesting. It was a little tricky turning it out to the right side. Sometimes I don’t understand the pattern directions and rely solely on the pictures.


A pocket! I added some tacking detail to various spots of the shirts and I think it is a great touch! Makes it looks store bought.


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