Another spring rendition


Here is something I threw together in between projects I guess you could say?this was a project in a way but it is also a refashion. The bottom half, the yellow part, was an Old Navy tank top I never really wore. The top is a basic bodice from Simplicity. It had a zipper on the original back bodice but I didn’t want to do that. I was considering a button back but again, no! I ended up just stitching it up, then top stitching. It ended up nice, although some might find it odd to have a seam on the back for no reason.

The bias tape made the front underarm area a tad boxy but if I had made the overall bodice circumference smaller it would have rounded better. Perhaps when I wash it, the edges will calm down.

The ric rac on the waistline was easy to sew on! I thought it might be tricky to stay in line with it but no troubles at all. I would however, like to figure out if I can adjust the foot pressure on my Janome DC1050. If anyone knows, please tell!!


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