Play date refashion


I am loving how this one is turning out! After a couple not-so-perfect refashions (I am a beginner after all), this one is lovely. Partly it’s the fabric. The main bodice is cotton and that is so easy. The arms are a stretch fabric but it conformed easily enough, and is it my imagination that the jersey seemed to sew easier next to the cotton?!

I haven’t decided if I will add the tulle skirt to the shirt yet. The shirt seems a tad cropped so after I fit my 18 month old in it I will figure out a good course of action.

A note: I have found the stretch stitch works much better for me than the knit stitch. Maybe I shouldn’t be trying the knit stitch anyway! I am using the stretch stitch for ‘problem’ fabrics that stretch or pucker when I sew them.

**UPDATE** The finished shirt!

lace wrist shirt

belly ribbing

Here you can see the ribbed edge I topstitched down. The stitching is a bit crooked as I had trouble sewing through the layers of stretchiness. I decided on the ribbed edge because I couldn’t figure out how to attach the tutu without ripping it apart. It’s so cute I decided to leave the skirt alone and she can wear it as a set.



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