Ruby Red Heart Hat


I have started this hat, Ruby Red Heart by Kristin Ashbaugh on Ravelry, using more of my Limerick stash by Universal Yarns. I had 10 balls? I think I am down to 7 now. It is a tad scratchy but I don’t know any wool that isn’t. I figure ones mixed with alpaca or something else are softer.

…and I got a shelf for my table! It’s cleaning up, slowly but surely. I had bags of fabric all over the kitchen counter and now it has a tidy home on the craft table. It may not look amazing in the photo, but trust me! It’s a major improvement.




The hat is done and I had a model on hand. It didn’t take her long to find the bow and I had to quickly take it because the hat is actually a gift. I needed to make sure it fit!

DSC_1494 DSC_1495


Onesie to…dress? Tutu?

Onsie to...dress? Tutu?

Well this was interesting. I originally took a white and pink striped shirt, cut the bodice off, and started attached elastic and tulle for a puffed skirt. It did NOT turn out well. I gave up on the skirt and took an old onesie that was too short, cut off the bottom snap section, and added the tulle skirt to the inner shirt (there is a yellow undershirt in there). I didn’t like how the tulle edges were raw and didn’t want to do (or didn’t have enough) bias tape, and I figured a lace border would just get ripped off. I ironed on stitch witchery on the hem and well…you see the result. But it’s done and until I decide to change (fix) it, it’s getting put in her closet for play clothes!


Ear warmer

Here is the wool ear warmer I am working on. I am using two strands of Limerick, by Universal Yarns. It’s a super wash wool, says to use about size 6 needles but I am using 8. So far the weave is very thick and squishy! By the way, the yarn color is actually a lavender.

You can find the pattern on Ravelry, by kidknits.


*UPDATE* Completion! Here is the finished ear warmer and I am quite happy with the result. It is a tad itchy because it’s wool, but I think I’ll just add a fleece lining.


I decided then that we all needed ear warmers so here is daughter #2’s ear warmer:

ear warmer

I think I used Lion Brand Homespun yarn.  I was practicing Fair Isle and stranding along the back. It turned out well but I could have spent more time on the design! I also added the purple border using crochet to try and draw flat the edges. I forgot that in stockinette the edges curl without slipping the first stitch.


Adding the fleece to the inside:






Back on the grind

I am working on a flannel for my husbands brother and it’s been interesting! I did make myself a shirt awhile back but made a few minor errors so I have a leg up on this shirt. First of all, don’t use heavyweight interfacing! My shirt front facing is SO stiff. Second, I know how to do a collar now so hopefully that goes smoothly.

His brothers shirt is starting to have Christmas-y colors to me but they are the colors of his college so I hope he’s cool with it. I am going to add their logo as a detail but haven’t decided how. Fabric paint? Applique? Fuse-on? Small detail over a pocket or like my husband asked, a large one on the back? I don’t like that last idea too much, but we’ll see.

I ended up buying myself some fleece to make a shirt for myself in this pattern because it’s turning out so well. I also finished a pumpkin hat for my Father-in-law (I know, so LATE!!), and now have started back on the knitting grind. I am now making myself a superwash wool ear warmer using Limerick by Universal Yarns. It’s a one ply yarn and it’s strange for me to use. I’ve never knitted with a one ply roving type yarn but it’s working out so far. I will post a photo of that later!


Making the placket was interesting. It was a little tricky turning it out to the right side. Sometimes I don’t understand the pattern directions and rely solely on the pictures.


A pocket! I added some tacking detail to various spots of the shirts and I think it is a great touch! Makes it looks store bought.


Homey coasters


My husband got some night stands that he has become quite protective of. We decided we needed some coasters and I said, ‘Oo ee! A new project!’. I had some fat quarter packs I never used for a dog neckerchief and got right to work. I cut 5×5 squares of the red fabric and cut a circle of the star fabric to fit in the red square. I put some fusible fleece on the back of the red squares for some fluff.

I sewed the star circles onto the red squares (the ones without the fleece on them) as an appliqué. Then I sewed the two red squares together, right sides together. I turned them inside out then top stitched the whole square around.

All in all they are cute and….homey!


Another spring rendition


Here is something I threw together in between projects I guess you could say?this was a project in a way but it is also a refashion. The bottom half, the yellow part, was an Old Navy tank top I never really wore. The top is a basic bodice from Simplicity. It had a zipper on the original back bodice but I didn’t want to do that. I was considering a button back but again, no! I ended up just stitching it up, then top stitching. It ended up nice, although some might find it odd to have a seam on the back for no reason.

The bias tape made the front underarm area a tad boxy but if I had made the overall bodice circumference smaller it would have rounded better. Perhaps when I wash it, the edges will calm down.

The ric rac on the waistline was easy to sew on! I thought it might be tricky to stay in line with it but no troubles at all. I would however, like to figure out if I can adjust the foot pressure on my Janome DC1050. If anyone knows, please tell!!