I have been inspired by all the refashions I see online. I have this plaid shirt that I think I have grown out of and wanted to make it into something for Éva. I decided on a dress since that would probably be easiest.

From what I have done so far tonight, I may yet attach the top portion to a skirt. A circle skirt I think. I don’t like the [handmade] piping I attached to the bottom of the dress so far because it is stiff and the shirt is slinky so it creates a hoop of sorts. I also removed the old cuffs and added new teal ones. I do like those! I was thinking some vertical ruffles on the chest by the pockets but then I would have to remove the pockets and the fabric may be worn out there…so, scratch that idea. I was also thinking maybe scrunch in the sides a bit by sewing a strip of elastic on the inside. Kid clothes look cute scrunched up a bit!

So many options! I guess I will mull it over and post the final tomorrow.




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