Toddler jeans

I am drafting a pattern using some jeans my toddler currently has. She has no butt so I will try to adjust them to fit a little tighter.

Basically I took craft paper and traced the jeans in pieces using pins to poke holes in the paper. It makes it easier to trace a garment without tearing it apart or measuring each stitched piece (like a pant leg which is not just a rectangle). Then I marked over the holes and cut out the pieces. I ironed the pattern pieces (the paper) on low heat to prep them for the fabric, which will be my old maternity jeans! I have a bunch of clothes for yard sale or freewill, but Decided I can reuse them. These jeans are a stretch jean fabric so I hope that doesn’t become an issue during sewing. Let the record state this was not my idea! It’s a tired and true technique I learned about, called the rub-off.


I just removed the back pockets from my jeans and I am thinking I can reuse those too, just snip them a bit smaller. More to come…

*Update. Well as you can see I have already made a mistake on the front pieces. The crotch is all wrong. Damn!


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