Toddler Jeans Updated

Success! I took some tips from Shwin and Shwin on how the pants pattern should look. I adjusted mine a bit by taking a bit off the front waist and some extra off the seam allowances. My daughter is pretty thin so skinny jeans will be good for her. All the pants we buy are to wide.

I couldn’t do much about the crotch seam I messed up but it may work yet…I will have her try them on tomorrow after I finish the waistband. I tested out some stitches on my machine, a Janome Dc1050, but they aren’t quite right. I will remove those tomorrow as well. Lastly, I tried tacking on the back pockets but it was an epic fail. I couldn’t keep the fabric moving right under the foot at the top points of the pockets. It was too bulky and stretchy.

All in all, I am pleased with my first hand drafted pants!



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