Holiday cooking time

Well I have been busy! I finally finished my shirt and started cleaning up some mistakes on previous projects. I have made 5 totally different types of patterns now and I am recognizing how things work. I was working on a rub off shirt a week or so ago but I stopped because of issues with it being knit jersey. I didn’t know you needed different needles for the machine, or that you should use a zigzag stitch for stretchiness. I still haven’t figured out the issue with the neck binding I made by hand. Every time I go to sew it, it gets all stretched out!

Ah, but the best part of today! I made snickerdoodles and I am always both happy and depressed when I make cookies. I ate 6 before the second batch was done, but how can you not? I always tell my husband to take some to work but he won’t, we are both selfish with the cookies!


Here is the finished shirt, a bit vacation-y don’t you think? I love it anyway. It’s very soft. I can’t say enough how awesome it is to have my machine do the buttons and buttonholes for me! Thanks ma!




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