It’s not even 0830 yet!


Oh boy, what a busy morning. I don’t know how it happens. the girls wake me up at 0600 and then it’s no stopping until 0900. I haven’t even had any coffee yet! I’ve already walked the dog with the girls, cleaned a nasty dog spot off the couch which in turn caused me to powder and vacuum the entire downstairs. Then I was compelled to sweep (probably should have done that first) and although I could have tidyed up the counters we moved onto crafts. I got out my wreath project and the girls started painting their pumpkins. Then they colored for a bit while I did laundry. Then I realized they hadn’t eaten breakfast yet!

Now that we are all fed, here are some photos of this mornings activities:



And my wreath:



And last night I attached the sleeves and finished the inner facing (it was a nightmare!!).



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