Simplicity 2484 Continued

I would like to mention I will be doing 95% of my blogging on the ipad mini so some photos may not be sharp and my posts may not be lengthy. On that note, here is today’s work:

Top stitching detail. I was going to a decorative top stitch but decided it would get lost in the floral pattern.

Getting the pockets ready to be top stitched. Boy those little bows on the pockets were fiddly! They turned out really cute though.

Back top stitching detail.

The back of the dress. Oh yea, I didn’t mention…it’s going to be a dress for Éva. The pattern is for a ‘jacket’ but somehow I didn’t get her size in the package. It only contains size 7-14 (girls). Oh well, maybe if it holds up she can wear it through the years.


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