Simplicity 2484

Welcome to my new blog! You will find a short record of things I have made, mostly sewing, knitting, and maybe some crochet. I don’t really crochet anymore and sewing is my new thing anyway. So far I have made a few articles of children’s clothing so if you need expert advice you won’t find it here! has some very nice tutorials, also They have easy to see and understand tutorials for various techniques and patterns. also has some re-fashion instruction.

All but two pieces are cut for this girls jacket (although I think it’s more of a heavy shirt). I ran out of fabric! I will have to go back to the store and hope I can find that fabric again. I may also buy some cotton for a lining.

This was the first time I used my pinking shears and they are nice. I hope they really do work to prevent fraying. I realized I had an overlock stitch on my Janome and it looks nice. I was thinking I needed to go buy a serger but maybe not! I definitely like the overlock better than zig-zagging off the edges. It gets too stiff on the edge.

So I hope you enjoy what you enjoy here and stay tuned!



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