Skirted Romper

Skirted Romper

Here is my newest refashion project. I have taken an old romper and chopped the bottom off (the bum is ripped anyway). I also chopped off the sleeves but left the ruffles on. I am going to add long sleeves from the pink tank pictured. I will leave the lace on where it will fall on the wrist. Then I plan to sew on the skirt somehow! It doesn’t fit the oldest anymore and it’s breaching on tight for the younger. I may be able to open the skirt up and widen it a bit…not sure yet.


Cuff Addition

I added some cuffs to the pants because they were just too short and we don’t live at the beach! No high-waters here.

I am glad to be putting my scraps to good use. I have quickly grown a scrap collection and was getting worried I might be keeping too many! What am I going to do with the odd shaped ones? I guess make a quilt one day?


You can see on the right back pocket I had trouble tacking them. I ended up just zig-zaging generously. The jeans were too thick folded over. Does anyone have any tips? I was using a heavy fabric needle.



I was also playing around with stitches on the Janome DC1050 as you can see (the yellow florals), but I will rip those out. It was just for fun!


Refashion take 2


There you have it. The final shirt (I think!). I think I need anorther set of ruffles above the current ones.

It’s much better than the dress I had planned for it. I added some ruffles to the front, cut the collar off, and and an elastic waistband. I still want to try some darts on the back or something. It is still a little big. I was going to add a skirt at the waist but decided that was a bad idea because it’s a slinky shirt. A skirt would probably hang it and stretch it.





I have been inspired by all the refashions I see online. I have this plaid shirt that I think I have grown out of and wanted to make it into something for Éva. I decided on a dress since that would probably be easiest.

From what I have done so far tonight, I may yet attach the top portion to a skirt. A circle skirt I think. I don’t like the [handmade] piping I attached to the bottom of the dress so far because it is stiff and the shirt is slinky so it creates a hoop of sorts. I also removed the old cuffs and added new teal ones. I do like those! I was thinking some vertical ruffles on the chest by the pockets but then I would have to remove the pockets and the fabric may be worn out there…so, scratch that idea. I was also thinking maybe scrunch in the sides a bit by sewing a strip of elastic on the inside. Kid clothes look cute scrunched up a bit!

So many options! I guess I will mull it over and post the final tomorrow.




Long Mittens

Long Mittens

I got this idea from I couldn’t find the link again before I started cutting and sewing so mine are not exactly the same. I have definitely run into some kinks doing it all by guessing and using the brown mittens in the photo. I have almost finished one mitten now and will post a photo tomorrow. I spent basically 4 hours on the damn thing today so yes…I am slow and working blindly.


One mitten down, one to go! These are a slim fit, perfect for Éva. I couldn’t figure out how to sew the thumb on other than hand sewing it. Guess I should have cut the bottom fleece with thumb attached. Oh well, this is how we learn, right?



Toddler Jeans Updated

Success! I took some tips from Shwin and Shwin on how the pants pattern should look. I adjusted mine a bit by taking a bit off the front waist and some extra off the seam allowances. My daughter is pretty thin so skinny jeans will be good for her. All the pants we buy are to wide.

I couldn’t do much about the crotch seam I messed up but it may work yet…I will have her try them on tomorrow after I finish the waistband. I tested out some stitches on my machine, a Janome Dc1050, but they aren’t quite right. I will remove those tomorrow as well. Lastly, I tried tacking on the back pockets but it was an epic fail. I couldn’t keep the fabric moving right under the foot at the top points of the pockets. It was too bulky and stretchy.

All in all, I am pleased with my first hand drafted pants!



Toddler jeans

I am drafting a pattern using some jeans my toddler currently has. She has no butt so I will try to adjust them to fit a little tighter.

Basically I took craft paper and traced the jeans in pieces using pins to poke holes in the paper. It makes it easier to trace a garment without tearing it apart or measuring each stitched piece (like a pant leg which is not just a rectangle). Then I marked over the holes and cut out the pieces. I ironed the pattern pieces (the paper) on low heat to prep them for the fabric, which will be my old maternity jeans! I have a bunch of clothes for yard sale or freewill, but Decided I can reuse them. These jeans are a stretch jean fabric so I hope that doesn’t become an issue during sewing. Let the record state this was not my idea! It’s a tired and true technique I learned about, called the rub-off.


I just removed the back pockets from my jeans and I am thinking I can reuse those too, just snip them a bit smaller. More to come…

*Update. Well as you can see I have already made a mistake on the front pieces. The crotch is all wrong. Damn!